Keeping Your House Cool with the Right Roof

With summer nearly here, it’s time to release those air conditioners from their covered cages and ensure they’re in working order so your house can remain cool for the hot months. However, running your AC for 3-5 solid months can add up fast. Fortunately, there are additional options you can take to keep your home cool and insulated from the sun’s heat.

Your Salt Lake roofing company has materials for your roof that can help keep your home cool. There are new types of roofing materials that come in lighter colors and with some reflective properties that can help cool your home in the summer, so you’re not spending as much on cooling costs. It’s always best to have a cooler attic in the summer for better care and longevity for your asphalt or wood shingles.

Professional Utah roofers are trained to provide your house with the best roofing materials for the conditions that Utah encounters throughout the year. Rain, snow, sleet, hail and sun are no match for your Salt Lake roofers and the materials they provide.

Also, did you experience any leaking or shingle damage from ice damns this past winter. It may be that you lack the proper ice and water shield, attic insulation, or proper attic ventilation. Ice and water shield is a water barrier that is installed on all bottom eves to help in the prevention of leaking due to ice damning. All ice shield properly installed should be 2′ inside all warm walls. Many roofing companies will install ice shield on bottom eves, but not enough to go beyond the inside warm walls. This is code and should be installed to that requirement.

Lack of attic insulation is also a contributor to excessive ice dams on bottom eves. It is always best to have a cold attic in the winter to help prevent these ice damning issues. Check your attic insulation to make sure you have the required R-36 attic insulation. If you don’t there are insulation companies that can blow in new insulation and provide you with rebate information from Questar Gas Company for lower installation costs.

Check your roof or attic to see if you have any attic ventilation. If not, it is best to have proper ventilation for the summer heat and in winter to keep your attic cold to help in the prevention of ice damning.

Your Salt Lake roofing company can provide you with more information about these different types of materials, ice and water shield, and ventilation that can help you with protecting your roofing and pocketbook

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